Nature’s Response to Modern Demands

Elevate your wellness routine with a single organic remedy. Feel better and enjoy your life more, all with a little help from nature itself.

Reduce inflammation, manage pain, lower stress and anxiety, improve sleep and boost your mood. Naturally.

  We stand with Ukraine. 10% of our profits are going to proven on-the-ground NGOs in Ukraine helping alleviate the humanitarian crisis brought about by the war.

Sustainable Process, Quality Products, and Proven Results

Terev Organics is a top-notch line of organic CBD products. We want to make quality organic products within reach for everyone. We strive to educate on the healing power of CBD and erase the societal stigmas of the past.

We are confident (and backed by research) that turning to nature for answers is the best way to promote overall health and true wellness. Helping you live your best life without toxins and addictions with lead to happier, more fulfilled life.

Care at every level of our business equals a difference you can feel and see in our lab results.

Thrive, not survive

Modern life is complex. It is becoming increasingly faster, more demanding, and overwhelming with choices. The answer to that may be to simplify your lifestyle. Go back to the basics. Enjoy and use all the tools and remedies nature gave us. Heal our anxious minds and bodies. Thrive in the face of adversity.

With pure CBD-derived elements, you’ll feel more supported and balanced, ready to take on modern-life demands.

What our customers are saying


“I’ve tried so many things for my anxiety before coming across Terev. Wow! This stuff works! I finally feel in control of my mood and stress resilience. Thank you!”Kari A.


“I love how Terev products make me feel. There is no high, so I can take it with me everywhere. Whenever I need a little boost, I can take it right there and then.”Isabel D.


“I am very conscious of what I put in my body. The fact that the tinctures are organic, makes me love them even more.”Sarah J.